Can We Remit Sin?

In today’s broadcast, Pastor Winslett considers a most unusual statement from John chapter 20 regarding the remitting of sin. Can we remit the sins of others in the sense that we take away their sins? Or, is there another meaning to Jesus’ words? Listen for the answer.

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What is Faith?

Here is a great irony within Christianity. Faith is one of the most used words among believers, most referenced concepts in the scriptures, and one of the least understood subjects! In today’s radio program, Ben Winslett shares an abundance of scriptures to share a fundamental groundwork of this miracle in the heart we call “faith.”

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Two Types of People

In this broadcast, Ben Winslett presents a stunning but biblical fact: There are but two types of people living in the world today, those regenerated and those yet unregenerate. Join us as we explore the cause of regeneration, the nature of both types of people, and the important implications from such in reality.

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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

The day before His crucifixion, rather than worrying about Himself, Jesus was busy ministering to His disciples. John’s gospel records one encouragement Jesus gave – Let not your heart be troubled. On today’s episode of Words of Grace, we apply that language to life after Jesus’ resurrection. Because He is Risen, our hearts need never be troubled, for Jesus has overcome all.

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How is Jesus the Only Begotten?

Jesus’ title as God’s “only begotten Son” is as historic as the New Testament itself, and is common language used in commentaries, sermons, creeds and confessions all through church history. However, in recent years, so-called New Testament Greek experts and bible translators have attempted, in vain, to redefine that as something else. In this broadcast, Ben Winslett considers the phrase from several angles, including the underlying Greek, ancient sources, and related words. Suffice it to say, this faithful title of “the only begotten Son” needs no amending!

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