Beware This Leaven

Borrowing from a warning Jesus’ issued about the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees, Ben Winslett warns against a concept popular among some conservative evangelicals that many times leads to either to pride or discouragement: Lordship salvation.

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We all look at life through the lens of our presuppositions. Sometimes these are correct. Many times, they are not. In this broadcast, we consider a few theological points from scripture that ought to frame the way we interpret the Bible and also the world around us.

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The Ease of Misunderstanding

To put it mildly, it is extraordinarily easy to misunderstand not only another person’s words, but their actions as well. Sometimes, we misunderstand or misinterpret such and become offended, and so misunderstandings are a tragic cause of grief to God’s people.

In today’s broadcast we focus on the danger of misunderstanding, how common misunderstandings were even in Jesus’ ministry, and how we can personally deal with this issue day by day.

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The Special, Uniqueness of Faith

One of the most commonly spoken of but least understood concepts among the Christian world is faith. We’re all familiar with the term. We all hear it and use it often. And to some level, most Christians have some sort of a working knowledge of it. But arguably, biblically speaking, the common understanding of it barely scratches the surface of the true reality of faith. Join us for this week’s program for more. 

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The Law as a Shadow (Moses and Joshua)

It’s a clearly established fact that the central theme of the entire Bible is Christ. While He is revealed in the New Testament, He was foreshadowed and prophesied of in the Old Testament.

In today’s broadcast, Ben Winslett considers one such “shadow,” drawing a parallel between Moses and Joshua and their respective relationships to the Promised Land.

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Them That Mourn

As a continuation of our thoughts from last week entitled “Jesus Knows,” we consider Jesus’ blessed and comforting words to those who mourn in the Sermon on the Mount. We all have sadness in this life – it’s common to all mankind. But through the gospel, our troubled souls are comforted. Furthermore, there is coming a day in which God Himself shall wipe away all our tears, removing from our existence any source of pain or suffering in Heaven!

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Jesus Knows!

Sometimes people wonder if God really knows what they’re going through or if He is too separated from life on Earth to care or even know about our struggles. But we have good news, not only does God know, our Saviour Christ Jesus is touched by the feeling of our infirmities! Learn more in this week’s broadcast.

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