Current Covid-19 Guidelines

Due to the Covid-19 threat, we are following the guidelines provided to us by the State of Alabama.

Our Current Policy/Plans:

In the case of illness, please stay home and utilize the livestream if you have any symptom of any virus.

We must absolutely maintain social distancing. Every other pew in the sanctuary has been taped off, in a staggered pattern, to enable distancing. Due to the size of our sanctuary, it requires utilizing the sanctuary and fellowship hall to accommodate our congregation (the fellowship hall is equipped with a 58″ TV and speakers). Fellowship handshakes and lunch are postponed at present. Doors remain open before and after service to allow entrance and exit without touching the doorknob. The water fountain and coffee makers will be offline.

We ask everyone who can, to please wear some sort of facial covering. This can be a mask (if you have one), a scarf, a bandana, or something homemade.

What covid-19 will not interrupt, Lord willing! We will smile, even if under a mask. We will love each other. We will pray. We will sing. We will worship! We will hear a message. We will rejoice.

See you all this Lord’s Day!