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Saved from What?

Category: Radio Broadcasts - Words of Grace
Created on 16 May 2016

Words have meanings. Sometimes, a single word can have many definitions. Other times, one word can be used in many different contexts. This is true for our every day speech, but it's also true regarding the language of the Bible. Determining the application of a term is a practice called "rightly dividing the word of truth." When rightly dividing, the reader takes the definition, context, and overall theology of the Bible into consideration to determine the author's original intent. Since scripture is of no private interpretation, it is the disciple's responsibility to seek the original message in a passage.

One might be puzzled or even alarmed at the premise of "rightly diving," but this practice is commonly engaged in by theologians and scholars. For example, preachers often distinguish between the Divinity of Christ and the Humanity of Christ. Also, we recognize the different between our eternal sanctification through God and a practical sanctification through obedience and discipline. Further, it is understood that God, for Christ's sake, forgave our sins once and for all at the cross, yet we ask for forgiveness in a parental sense every time we pray. 

In this broadcast, Pastor Winslett considers the biblical usage of the word "save." When most believers in our culture come across the word save in the Bible, their first assumption is that the word is describing regeneration (the new birth). However, as with many other words, the term save is used in reference to other phases of our eternal salvation (redemption, glorification) and also deliverance from various forms of ruin in our daily lives (enemies, sickness, sinful behavior, error, etc). 

Radio broadcast for May 15, 2016.

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