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Answering the Skeptics: Homosexuality and the Old Testament Law

Category: Radio Broadcasts - Words of Grace
Created on 13 June 2016

Scripture presents a very clear set of guidelines on what constitutes marriage as well as what God has defined as sexually immoral. Sometimes in defending the Biblical pattern of marriage, well-meaning Christians use the prohibition on homosexual behavior in Leviticus as their "proof text" against such a lifestyle. However, relying solely upon this text presents a serious problem when confronted by skeptics: Leviticus also prohibits the eating of creatures such as shrimp or catfish. The skeptic then condemns the Christian for embracing one law and ignoring another. How does the believer answer this criticism? 

In this broadcast, pastor Winslett explains the timeless principles of God regarding marriage and intimacy, while placing such passages in Leviticus in the overall message of scripture.

Radio broadcast for June 12, 2016

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