Salvation (Audio Sermon Series)

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Created on 31 October 2013

The message of salvation is the single most relevant message among men. In this series, pastor Winslett expounds upon the phases of a person's eternal deliverance from sin and punishment, including election, redemption, regeneration, and then glorification. Finally, the series is concluded with a message on temporal salvation, the concept that we can find daily deliverance through the pursuit of Christ. 


Salvation Purposed

This message is a study of the concepts of election and predestination. In short, prior to creating the universe, God chose a special people in love and purposed to conform them to the spotless image of His Son, Christ. This is the Father's choice of a people.


Salvation Purchased

God did indeed choose a people to be with Him forever in Heaven. However, because of Adam's transgression, God's chosen people were born sinners who deserved God's holy wrath. God is a holy God so a penalty had to be paid. Thus, His Son Jesus came into the world to die for the sins of God's chosen people. This is the Son's redemptive work.


Salvation Experienced

Rescuing His people from the death in trespasses and sins they are conceived in, God "sends the Spirit of His Son" into their hearts crying "Abba, Father." This is the personal, vital phase of salvation a chosen person experiences between conception and death. This is the lifegiving work of the Holy Spirit.


Salvation Completed

While in death our souls do go to Christ in the Father's presence, God still has a work of deliverance in store for His people. At the end of time, God will resurrect the bodies of all the dead, good and wicked. In an act called Glorification, God's children will be finally and forever conformed to the image of Christ. This is the grand culmination of our deliverance.


Daily Salvation

While our eternal deliverance from sin is a "God only" phenomenon, there are many ills in our lives which we can save ourselves from through adhering to God's word and pursuing Christ. This is discipleship.


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