It Is Finished!

It Is Finished! That was the victory cry of Christ on the Cross, declaring His success in saving His people from their sins (Mth 1:21). By dying for their sins, Christ secured eternal life for all that the Father had given Him (Jhn 17:2). For the elect of God, salvation isn't merely an option but is a reality!

On The Radio

If you live in North Alabama or South Tennessee, you can listen to our pastor's radio broadcast, Words of Grace, each Sunday morning at 8:30 on 1140 AM, WBXR. Don't have time to tune in? Check out our archive of recent radio broadcasts. (Click here)

Worship With Us

Looking for a church home? Want a greater fellowship with believers or deeper understanding of the Bible? Consider this your invitation to visit us for public worship, each Sunday at 10:30. (Click here)

641 Moontown Road, Brownsboro, Alabama 35741

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