What Should I Expect?

“I am interested in coming to visit Flint River Church. What should I expect?

Thank you!

First, let me thank you for considering a visit to our Church. You should expect one of the warmest greetings you have ever received. We are a relatively small body of believers (50 to 60) who are close in Christian fellowship. I promise, if you come early or stay a few minutes late, you will receive a hearty welcome from our congregation.

Our Worship

Concerning the worship, it is our goal to “stick with the scriptures.” We prefer to continue worship as it existed in the first century Church. Each Sunday worship service consists of 30 minutes of acapella congregational singing (worship), public prayer by selected brothers in our congregation, and the centerpiece of each service is preaching from God’s Word. In fact, we devote nearly an entire hour to the preaching of the cross.

Family Integrated

Do you have a family? We are delighted to tell you that our services are family integrated. That means your children are welcome to sit with you during worship, as was the practice during Jesus’ personal ministry (Mark 10:13-14). We are accustomed to (and rather thankful to have) the sound of children during public worship.

Our Message

Finally, I invite you to consider our message, the message of salvation by Sovereign Grace through Christ Jesus our Lord. We believe that Christ came to save a chosen people, elected by the Father from before the creation of the universe (Eph. 1:4, John 17:1-3). This work was finished by Jesus on the cross, therefore salvation was secured for an innumerable number of people from every nation and even every family or kindred (Rev. 5:9; 7:9). We believe our reception of the gospel message and any good works are FRUITS of this salvation (Gal. 5:22), as we are sinners in and of ourselves.

Does this pique your curiosity? If so, we would love for you to prayerfully consider a visit to Flint River Primitive Baptist Church. How about this Sunday morning at 10:30? Get directions HERE