Ministry of the Gospel/Worship – 

Click here for a schedule of worship opportunities.

On The Radio –

Words of Grace, airs locally Sundays at 8:30 a.m. on 1140AM and 101.3 FM WBXR. Webcast and other station info: Click here

Food Pantry –

Whereas we previously operated a food pantry, we’ve found it more expedient to “provide the need” as it arises. Contact us for more information!


Both our recent radio programs and pulpit sermons are available in two separate podcasts. Visit the Resources section of our website for subscriber information!

Livestreaming and Video –

Our messages are livestreamed each Sunday morning at around 11:00 AM via our church Facebook page, and uploaded to Youtube each week.

Jacob’s Ladder Junior-

Our pastor, in partnership with Graces of Gurley, leads a devotion in an after school program with students from Madison County Elementary School in Gurley, Alabama each available Wednesday.

Our Pastor’s Personal Ministry Site – was launched in 2003 by our pastor, Elder Ben Winslett. MTZ contains a wealth of information about Primitive Baptists including Historic Documents, an extensive Article Library, an Audio Sermon archive, a user-built Church Directory, and more. Curious about Primitive Baptists? Give a visit!