Grace for Grace, Part 1

John 1 includes an interesting statement that at first glance can be rather puzzling. The Apostle writes that we have received grace for grace. We know the Bible emphatically declares we’re saved by grace, but what does this language mean, “grace for grace”? Tune in to this weekend’s edition of Words of Grace to learn.

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The Cross

One of the most prevalent and symbolic themes of the New Testament is that of the cross. This is for good reason, as the Lord gave His life upon a cross. Therefore salvation was accomplished on a cross. And so if Christianity had a theme or a logo, some symbol to represent it as a worldview or a belief system, it would be that of a cross, a crucifix. This is why that’s exactly what we find in encyclopedic and media references to Christianity – pictures of a cross – when the faith is being discussed.

Today on Words of Grace we want to spend some time reflecting on the cross. First of all, how it was an emblem of the suffering and work of Christ as far as words go. But also what took place on the cross, both in terms of Jesus suffering and the salvation that He provided. Lastly, there’s a lesson for each of us to consider when we look at the cross, as Jesus commanded us to take up our own crosses and follow Him!

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I Will Build My Church

Continuing our brief series from the words of Christ in Matthew 16, we consider His awesome and historic proclamation that He would build His church. Fathom that! Jesus built an organization, an assembly, in which people could worship and experience His presence. And, the gates of Hell would never prevail against it!

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The Wild Gadarene, Part 1

The story of Legion, a wild Gadarene man possessed with many devils, is one of the most amazing displays of Jesus’ mercy and grace in all of scripture. In this and the next broadcast, Ben Winslett shares this account with us; one that is initially terrifying but eventually comforting and instructive.

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