How is Jesus the Only Begotten?

Jesus’ title as God’s “only begotten Son” is as historic as the New Testament itself, and is common language used in commentaries, sermons, creeds and confessions all through church history. However, in recent years, so-called New Testament Greek experts and bible translators have attempted, in vain, to redefine that as something else. In this broadcast, Ben Winslett considers the phrase from several angles, including the underlying Greek, ancient sources, and related words. Suffice it to say, this faithful title of “the only begotten Son” needs no amending!

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The Church at Laodicea

Concluding our series on Jesus’ “mini-epistles” to the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, we look at the church in the worst shape of them all: Laodicea. Wealthy, proud, and apathetic, Jesus basically tells this church they nauseate Him. Even then, there was hope as repentance awaited at the door.

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The Church at Philadelphia

We’ve heard many alarming warnings and rebukes in our series on the Seven Churches of Asia; so much so that it ought to cause a bit of reflection and self examination. But to the church at Philadelphia, Jesus had nothing but encouragement to this afflicted church with great personal weakness. In fact, through His strength, they would receive an opportunity that the strength of this would could not stop!

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The Church at Sardis

The Lord’s words to the church at Sardis were terrifying: They had the reputation of a living church, but were indeed as good as dead. Ouch! One can only imagine how their pastor’s heart sunk as he learned that news. The good thing, there was even hope for a church in such a poor shape. Through strengthening the remaining life and repenting, they could walk with Christ and continue. That’s helpful for us to know today!

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The Church at Pergamos

The Church at Pergamos was a congregation of faithful saints with one major issue: They tolerated certain false teachers who, in some way, encouraged loose living which resulted in sin. Jesus’ message to them was simple. They were to handle it, or He would handle it. Join us for this message from Revelation chapter 2, on Jesus’ words to the Church at Pergamos.

Radio broadcast for January 23, 2022.

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