Despite being such a common Biblical subject, we rarely hear a lot about repentance in modern Christianity. On today’s broadcast, Ben Winslett shares insight from both the Old and New Testaments regarding this neglected subject.

Radio broadcast for August 21, 2022. Continue reading “Repentance”

The Church at Laodicea

Concluding our series on Jesus’ “mini-epistles” to the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, we look at the church in the worst shape of them all: Laodicea. Wealthy, proud, and apathetic, Jesus basically tells this church they nauseate Him. Even then, there was hope as repentance awaited at the door.

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Beware This Leaven

Borrowing from a warning Jesus’ issued about the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees, Ben Winslett warns against a concept popular among some conservative evangelicals that many times leads to either to pride or discouragement: Lordship salvation.

Radio broadcast for July 11, 2021. Continue reading “Beware This Leaven”