What’s Your Emphasis?

When your congregation meets, what is your emphasis? That could be a proverbial “can of worms.” In today’s broadcast, Pastor Winslett considers certain American religious phenomenon such as the “seeker sensitive” mentality in light of the Commission of Christ. In short, putting the emphasis on the “feel” of worship or framing worship in a way that targets the unchurched actually violates the Great Commission, which instructs ministers to go, preach, baptize, and teach. Listen for more! Continue reading “What’s Your Emphasis?”

Work, Wealth, and Wisdom

In today’s broadcast, we consider three connected, relevant, but sometimes neglected thoughts: Working, wealth, and wisdom. From the beginning, men were commanded to work (Genesis 3). When one works hard, they may generate wealth (Proverbs 10:4). But what does the bible say of wealth? It discourages us from wanting it (1 Timothy 5)! But if we do generate abundant income, we need wisdom to be able to handle it, wisdom provided by the scriptures.

Radio broadcast for September 10, 2023. Continue reading “Work, Wealth, and Wisdom”

Prayer Works!

Folks often mock people who pray for others on social media. It’s become a trendy thing to do, mocking “thoughts and prayers” when a tragedy happens. But Paul actually said the Corinthian believers “also helped together by prayer for us” when he and his fellow laborers were in affliction (2 Cor 1:11). So Christian, prayer does actually help others. Join us for today’s broadcast to learn more!

Radio broadcast for September 3, 2023. Continue reading “Prayer Works!”

Righteousness and Peace have Kissed

In today’s edition of Words of Grace, we share a message from Pastor Winslett from Psalm 85, a beautiful hymn highlighting themes of captivity, forgiveness, and revival. While it certainly spoke to issues the writer faced in his time, as with many Psalms, the ultimate and final fulfillment is in the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Radio broadcast for August 27, 2023 Continue reading “Righteousness and Peace have Kissed”

The Temptation

In Matthew 4, Jesus was led of the Spirit into the wilderness for a period of fasting and then a battle with the wicked one, the devil. But unlike us in our moments of temptation, Jesus never once was susceptible to the wiles of the devil and was completely victorious. Join us for this message!

Radio broadcast for August 20, 2023. Continue reading “The Temptation”

Forces of Darkness

Using Luke’ first recorded miracle of Jesus in Luke chapter 4, Ben Winslett emphasizes Jesus’ power over evil spirits and devils. In this program, we consider topics such as:

  • The Reality of forces of darkness in this world.
  • Where did evil spirits come from?
  • Jesus has power over them, but beyond that they are afraid of Him.
  • How Evil spirits might be influencing people today.
  • Lastly, what we can do?

Radio broadcast for August 13, 2023 Continue reading “Forces of Darkness”

And Such Were Some Of You

1 Corinthians 6 contains a rather alarming statement regarding the fact that sin separates us from God and renders us unable to inherit the Kingdom of God.  As sinners, that gives us pause and makes us tremble. However, the following statement is one of comfort, as we learn God washes, sanctifies, and justifies us. Join us to learn more!

Radio broadcast for August 7, 2023 Continue reading “And Such Were Some Of You”

How to Love God More

In today’s episode of Words of Grace, we emphasize what, at times and contrary to our wishes, is a struggle in the emotional aspect of loving God the way we want to. How can we grow in this? Ben Winslett shares biblical insight into the concept of loving God as well as two methods of growing in our affection for Him.

Radio broadcast for July 20, 2023. Continue reading “How to Love God More”

Paul, the Pattern of Regeneration

In today’s episode of Words of Grace, we engage in a bit of “cage rattling.” How so? Simply put, if my theology cannot explain the actual conversion stories in the Bible, then something is likely awry in my thinking. Does my theology explain the Thief on the Cross? Or Cornelius? Do I insist upon requirements for salvation that people who are clearly saved did not meet? Does my view of regeneration – the new birth – mirror that of Saul of Tarsus? If not, more thinking and learning is needed.

Join us for this message on the radical and miraculous encounter a sinful man named Saul had with the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ; a story some might consider an exceptional case, when in reality it sets the pattern for the very act of salvation.

Radio broadcast for July 23, 2023. Continue reading “Paul, the Pattern of Regeneration”

A Hospital for Sinners

Have you ever known someone curious about Christ but too afraid to visit a church our of fear of being judged? It would be great to say that’s all a misunderstanding, but the fact is, sometimes church culture is “judgy” about the mistakes in the lives of others.

In James chapter 5, James instructs his audience to confess their faults, one to another, to find healing.  While this is beneficial for the specified reason – healing – it also helps foster a sort of church culture that is far less intimidating to newcomers who are struggling with sin. Rather than putting on a mask of self righteousness, people are real about their problems, and so folks who struggle feel more comfortable. Listen to this week’s edition of Words of Grace to learn more!

Radio broadcast for July 16, 2023. Continue reading “A Hospital for Sinners”