We Believe in Ministerial Authority

Today on Words of Grace, we come to our final message in our series on the standard Statement of Faith or Abstract of Principles of historic Baptists in the United States and also Primitive Baptists of today, a document which we commonly refer to as the Articles of Faith.

The subject matter of today’s Article has to do with what we will call ministerial authority. While this might seem like a strange point of view to include in a document as important as the articles of faith, it’s actually very fitting to include it!

Article 12. We believe that no minister has a right to administration of the ordinances, only such as are regularly baptized, called, and come under the imposition of hands by a presbytery.

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We Believe in the Resurrection

Continuing our series on the standard Articles of Faith of historic Baptist churches in the United States as well as Primitive Baptist churches of today, we arrive at the doctrine of eschatology, the end of time. In this program, we consider the historic viewpoints of pre-millennialism, post-millennialism, and a-millennialism, as well a more modern and extremely problematic paradigm called Dispensationalism.

From Flint River’s statement of faith (1808):
10 – We believe in the resurrection of the dead and in a general judgment.
11 – We believe that the punishment of the wicked and the joys of the righteous will be eternal.

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We Believe in the Ordinances

As you know, we’re presently undertaking a survey of the basic tenants of the historic Baptist faith, as represented in the Articles of Faith of historic Baptist and contemporary Primitive Baptist Churches. Our subject matter for today shifts the focus from what we might call doctrinal or theological concepts to ecclesiological concepts, as we review the specifics of the ordinances.

From Flint River’s Statement of faith:

Article 9 – We believe that baptism, the Lord’s supper, and washing of the saints’ feet are ordinances of Jesus Christ, and that true believers are the only subjects of these ordinances, and the true mode of baptism is immersion.
Article 13 – We believe that none but regularly baptized members have a right to commune at the Lord’s Table.

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