Blessed Assurance

Recently on Words of Grace, our focus has been on suffering and afflictions. We’ve spoken to the origin of suffering, the various causes of suffering, the great difference between when God sends affliction and when Satan afflicts us, as well as many related themes like God’s sovereignty and the wiles of the Devil.

In today’s broadcast, Ben Winslett considers the great blessing of peace that we have when we are faithful and trusting of God IN our afflictions. Tune in to learn more!

Radio broadcast for April 21, 2024. Continue reading “Blessed Assurance”

Can We Remit Sin?

In today’s broadcast, Pastor Winslett considers a most unusual statement from John chapter 20 regarding the remitting of sin. Can we remit the sins of others in the sense that we take away their sins? Or, is there another meaning to Jesus’ words? Listen for the answer.

Radio broadcast for May 15, 2022. Continue reading “Can We Remit Sin?”