A Continual Prayer Vigil, Part 1

We would imagine that over the past week, you’ve been alarmed more than you might have been in some time because of the dangerous, powder keg of a situation in Europe. This is for good reason. It’s nothing to wink at. In view of such, a trait of God’s people is to see such unfold and immediately begin to ask the question, “what can I do?” That’s what we’ll consider on this and next week’s edition of Words of Grace.

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The Value of God’s House

Church attendance has been on the decline in the US in recent decades, but since the covid-19 pandemic swept the world, this problem has been exacerbated. Why is this? Certainly their are legitimate causes such as law enforcement, military, or healthcare occupations. And there are moments of risk when a congregation might shelter in place. But what we’re seeing today seems to be something much worse: Apathy towards the church, which is in actuality apathy towards Christ.

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The Suffering Steward

Faithfully preaching God’s word invites adversity and suffering.

Ask yourself the question: what is MY personal response to suffering. Many of us might respond with resentment. Others, self-pity. And some might even plot revenge! In this message from Colossians chapter 1, we learn Paul’s response, one he shared with other Apostles – rejoicing.

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