The Afterlife

Most people believe in some sort of afterlife. This makes it all the more crucial for Christians to turn to the bible for their understanding of life after death. Join us for this episode of Words of Grace, in which Pastor Ben Winslett shares biblical theology on the afterlife.

Radio broadcast for September 18, 2022. Continue reading “The Afterlife”

The Danger of a Snapshot

One negative tendency of many conservative believers is the habit of attempting to pass judgement on a person’s eternal destination based upon brief snippets – snapshots – of their lives. While it’s true that there are examples of outright evil that is easy to perceive, in most cases we are infinitely unqualified and far too ignorant to set ourselves up as judge and jury in the courtroom of men’s souls. Join Benjamin Winslett for this broadcast, in which he considers several Biblical examples which demonstrate this fact.

Radio broadcast for November 28, 2021. Continue reading “The Danger of a Snapshot”