The Eternal Sonship of Christ

The most important question in history is “who is Jesus Christ?” Simply put, Jesus’ identity as the messiah, the Christ, the incarnate Word, and God’s only Son is the basis for our hope for salvation from sin and everlasting life. In light of this fact, a branch of theology we call “Christology” is something we want to get right.

In today’s broadcast, our focus is the Eternal Sonship of Christ. While this is a nonnegotiable doctrine to Christians from the time of Christ onward, some in recent years have erred, rejected this notion. In this edition of Words of Grace, Pastor Winslett speaks to the history of this debate as well as the scriptural soundness of this doctrine.

Radio broadcast for February 5, 2023. Continue reading “The Eternal Sonship of Christ”

How is Jesus the Only Begotten?

Jesus’ title as God’s “only begotten Son” is as historic as the New Testament itself, and is common language used in commentaries, sermons, creeds and confessions all through church history. However, in recent years, so-called New Testament Greek experts and bible translators have attempted, in vain, to redefine that as something else. In this broadcast, Ben Winslett considers the phrase from several angles, including the underlying Greek, ancient sources, and related words. Suffice it to say, this faithful title of “the only begotten Son” needs no amending!

Radio broadcast for April 10, 2022. Continue reading “How is Jesus the Only Begotten?”