The Sovereignty of God, Sovereign Grace Episode 3

In this episode of Words of Grace, we delve into the profound concept of God’s sovereignty. Building on the previous discussions of sovereign grace and human depravity, we now explore the biblical theology of the sovereignty of God.

Through scriptural references, such as Ephesians 1:11, James 1:12-15, Daniel 4:34-37, and Isaiah 45:1-7, 45:18, and 46:5-10, we illustrate God’s omnipotence, righteousness, and sovereignty. We also reflect on the implications of misrepresenting God’s nature and the necessity of aligning our beliefs with biblical truth.

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Statements of God’s Sovereignty from Isaiah

The book of Isaiah among one of the most cited sources from the Old Testament, and for good reason. While Isaiah deals with contemporary issues to Israel, he also foretold many world events as well as giving many details about the coming Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another theme of Isaiah, as we explore in today’s program, is the concept of God’s identity and sovereignty. Amidst a backdrop of coming captivity and restoration, God reveals His power, to the comfort of His people.

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The Only God

Recently, a popular Bible software company published a documentary asserting that Jehovah rules over a council of lesser deities. This view is beyond troubling, venturing squarely into the arena of actual heresy. In today’s broadcast, Ben Winslett challenges this view and properly applies the passages of scripture proponents of such twist, using the very teachings of Christ to set the record straight.

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