Forces of Darkness

Using Luke’ first recorded miracle of Jesus in Luke chapter 4, Ben Winslett emphasizes Jesus’ power over evil spirits and devils. In this program, we consider topics such as:

  • The Reality of forces of darkness in this world.
  • Where did evil spirits come from?
  • Jesus has power over them, but beyond that they are afraid of Him.
  • How Evil spirits might be influencing people today.
  • Lastly, what we can do?

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The Wild Gadarene, Part 2

Sharing part of a message Ben Winslett preached entitled The Wild Gadarene, this episode of Words of Grace speaks to multiple issues one could glean from the story of a demon possessed man named Legion. Mental illness, self harm, invisible spiritual entities, the mercy and love of our Jesus, and even evangelism. Join us for this informative and reassuring message from Luke chapter 8 on this week’s radio program.

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The Wild Gadarene, Part 1

The story of Legion, a wild Gadarene man possessed with many devils, is one of the most amazing displays of Jesus’ mercy and grace in all of scripture. In this and the next broadcast, Ben Winslett shares this account with us; one that is initially terrifying but eventually comforting and instructive.

Radio broadcast for August 7, 2022. Continue reading “The Wild Gadarene, Part 1”