Growing in Forgiveness

Disciples of Christ are to be forgiving people. In fact, God’s dealings with us as sons, as it relates to chastening, is often administered consistently with our willingness to forgive others. This is a sobering motivation to be more forgiving. In today’s broadcast, we consider 5 thoughts to help us grow in our ability to forgive.

Radio broadcast for August 22, 2021. Continue reading “Growing in Forgiveness”

The Ease of Misunderstanding

To put it mildly, it is extraordinarily easy to misunderstand not only another person’s words, but their actions as well. Sometimes, we misunderstand or misinterpret such and become offended, and so misunderstandings are a tragic cause of grief to God’s people.

In today’s broadcast we focus on the danger of misunderstanding, how common misunderstandings were even in Jesus’ ministry, and how we can personally deal with this issue day by day.

Radio broadcast for June 27, 2021. Continue reading “The Ease of Misunderstanding”