When the Right Thing Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, when we do all we can to prayerfully obey God’s word, a situation still blows up in our face. On today’s radio program, we consider a very notable account of this from the Old Testament, namely when Moses initially went before Pharaoh demanding he release God’s people, Israel. Surely, Moses’ obedience would yield immediate results, right? Wrong! In fact, in the short term, it made things worse. You and I can learn much from this example. Join us for more on today’s edition of Words of Grace.

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The Law as a Shadow (Moses and Joshua)

It’s a clearly established fact that the central theme of the entire Bible is Christ. While He is revealed in the New Testament, He was foreshadowed and prophesied of in the Old Testament.

In today’s broadcast, Ben Winslett considers one such “shadow,” drawing a parallel between Moses and Joshua and their respective relationships to the Promised Land.

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