Mourning and Miracles, Part 1

There is a proper place for mourning after a tragedy. Sometimes people feel ashamed to mourn and there are even times when people are scolded for it. But it’s a proper part of the healing process though the sting of loss never fully goes away.

In today’s broadcast, we share the first half of a message from Matthew chapter 14 and our Lord Jesus’ response to the death of John the Baptist, which was to go to God in solitude and pray.

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Them That Mourn

As a continuation of our thoughts from last week entitled “Jesus Knows,” we consider Jesus’ blessed and comforting words to those who mourn in the Sermon on the Mount. We all have sadness in this life – it’s common to all mankind. But through the gospel, our troubled souls are comforted. Furthermore, there is coming a day in which God Himself shall wipe away all our tears, removing from our existence any source of pain or suffering in Heaven!

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