Statements of God’s Sovereignty from Isaiah

The book of Isaiah among one of the most cited sources from the Old Testament, and for good reason. While Isaiah deals with contemporary issues to Israel, he also foretold many world events as well as giving many details about the coming Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another theme of Isaiah, as we explore in today’s program, is the concept of God’s identity and sovereignty. Amidst a backdrop of coming captivity and restoration, God reveals His power, to the comfort of His people.

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Biblical Principles for the Care of the Poor

Concepts such as poverty and the poor are often hijacked by political figures and redefined as mere statistics. In reality, poor people are just that – human beings with needs. While scripture does condemn laziness, it also consistently commands those with material resources to help and care for the impoverished.

Join us for this episode of Words of Grace, as Ben Winslett shares abundant scriptural references throughout the entire Bible revealing God’s heart on the matter of caring for the poor.

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Practical Applications from the Law

The New Testament is emphatic that the Old Covenant law stands forever fulfilled in Christ Jesus. He kept it to a jot and a tittle in our stead. But just because the law is fulfilled doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it. First, there are often underlying practical reasons for many of the laws (touching a corpse, handling of waste, etc.). Moreover, we can find shadows of Christ and His work as we think more deeply about the principles of each law.

In today’s Words of Grace, we consider three random examples of this from the book of Leviticus.

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