We Believe in Preservation

As you know, we are presently considering the standard statement of faith, what we call the Articles of Faith, of historic Baptist churches in America but also Primitive Baptist churches of today. In this series, we’re using our own statement of faith, a variation which dates to and before 1808. And we’re also comparing it a slightly more modern statement, the one held by my old home church Ebenezer, dating to 1868.

Our doctrine up for consideration today is that of the preservation of the saints. Sometimes, this is called the perseverance of the saints. This comes from Statement 8 in our Articles of Faith here at Flint River. That article reads:

– We believe that the saints shall be preserved in grace and never fall finally away.

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A Word of Comfort from John Chapter 6, Part 1

To believers in Sovereign Grace, John chapter 6 is a beloved passage. From it, we learn truths about Jesus as our source of spiritual sustenance as the Bread of Life, as well as principles concerning God’s sovereignty in salvation. Over the next two broadcasts, we’ll share a recent message from Flint River on this teaching.

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