Particular Redemption, Sovereign Grace 5

Welcome to today’s episode of Words of Grace! We’re continuing our enlightening series on Sovereign Grace with message number five, “Particular Redemption.” Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored the concept of God’s sovereignty in salvation, laying a strong foundation in messages about why to believe in Sovereign Grace, the necessity of grace due to total depravity, and the Father’s sovereign choice in salvation. Today, we’re diving into the heart of the gospel, focusing on Christ’s redemptive work on the cross, that Jesus died specifically for those chosen by God before the foundation of the world, a doctrine steeped in scripture and affirmed by the historic Baptists and Primitive Baptists today!

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The Sovereignty of God in Choosing, Episode 4 in our Sovereign Grace Series

In this fourth episode of our series on the sovereignty of God in salvation, we delve into the profound topic of God’s sovereign choice of His people for salvation. Specifically, the aspect of God’s election, examining scriptures that illustrate how God, in His sovereignty, chose His elect before the foundation of the world. We also address common misconceptions and questions about divine election, emphasizing that God’s choice is rooted in His mercy and not in human merit.

Through passages from Ephesians, Romans, and other books of the Bible, we see that God’s election is an undeniable biblical principle. Join us as we deepen our understanding of God’s sovereign grace and His eternal plan for His chosen people.

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The Sovereignty of God, Sovereign Grace Episode 3

In this episode of Words of Grace, we delve into the profound concept of God’s sovereignty. Building on the previous discussions of sovereign grace and human depravity, we now explore the biblical theology of the sovereignty of God.

Through scriptural references, such as Ephesians 1:11, James 1:12-15, Daniel 4:34-37, and Isaiah 45:1-7, 45:18, and 46:5-10, we illustrate God’s omnipotence, righteousness, and sovereignty. We also reflect on the implications of misrepresenting God’s nature and the necessity of aligning our beliefs with biblical truth.

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Total Depravity | Sovereign Grace Series, Episode 2

In the latest episode of Words of Grace, Ben Winslett delves deeper into the doctrine of Sovereign Grace with a focus on Total Depravity. We explore key biblical passages that reveal humanity’s inherent sinfulness and our utter dependence on God’s sovereign will for salvation. By examining scriptures from John, Romans, and Ephesians, we uncover the profound truth that without God’s intervention, no one can come to Christ. Join us as we unpack these foundational doctrines and understand how they shape our view of salvation and the world around us.

Radio broadcast for June 31, 2024.

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Why Should I Believe in Sovereign Grace?

Join us for this episode of Words of Grace, as we delve into the profound question: “Why should I believe in Sovereign Grace?” In this episode, Ben Winslett explores a biblical doctrine often overlooked in American evangelicalism — Sovereign Grace.

Many Christians have never encountered this doctrine in sermons or teachings, yet it’s deeply rooted in Scripture. We invite you to examine passages like Ephesians 1 and others that reveal God’s Sovereign Grace in salvation. Discover why understanding this doctrine is crucial for every believer’s spiritual journey. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion that challenges and encourages us to embrace God’s sovereign plan in our lives.

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Saved to Serve

Jesus died and rose again that we should live for Him. God reconciled us in Christ so we’re exhorted to reconcile ourselves to God. We’re new creatures in Christ, given the righteousness of Christ, but are exhorted not to receive the grace of God in vain.  From 2 Corinthians chapter 5, Pastor Winslett shares the biblical reason we serve God: He saved us. Join us for more!

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Thoughts on the New Birth

In this week’s episode of Words of Grace, Pastor Winslett draws our attention to a fundamental but crucial subject in the word of God, the new birth. Also called quickening, regeneration, and translation, among other terms, this is the doctrine of salvation from death in sin to life in Christ. In today’s broadcast, we consider these various terms as well as the effects of the new birth in a person’s life.

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Yea and Amen

In today’s episode of Words of Grace, we share a recent message from the pulpit of Flint River. Our passage under consideration is the latter part of 2 Corinthians chapter 1, specifically verses 15-22. On the surface, much of this might be random language or pleasantries, but there’s actually a significant point Paul makes here regarding hindered plans and even the words of scorners, but also the fact that there are some promises that cannot ever be broken!

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