I Will Build My Church

Continuing our brief series from the words of Christ in Matthew 16, we consider His awesome and historic proclamation that He would build His church. Fathom that! Jesus built an organization, an assembly, in which people could worship and experience His presence. And, the gates of Hell would never prevail against it!

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Passing from Death unto Life

Continuing our series on Sovereign Grace Statements from the Gospel of John, pastor Winslett considers a most interesting statement by our Lord Jesus in John chapter 5, about the ability to believe being the result of passing from death in sin to life in Christ. Simply put, the new birth is a spiritual resurrection which causes us to know God, sparking faith within.

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Born from Above

One of the most clear and instructive passages concerning the new birth is found in a conversation between the Lord Jesus Christ and a man named Nicodemus in John chapter 3. In this teaching of Christ, we learn that without the new birth, also called quickening or regeneration, a person is unable to see the Kingdom of God. Also, it is revealed and that God is sovereign in this vital phase of salvation. Join us for this study in our continuing series on Sovereign Grace statements from John’s gospel.

Radio broadcast for November 27,  2022.

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Can We Remit Sin?

In today’s broadcast, Pastor Winslett considers a most unusual statement from John chapter 20 regarding the remitting of sin. Can we remit the sins of others in the sense that we take away their sins? Or, is there another meaning to Jesus’ words? Listen for the answer.

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Them That Mourn

As a continuation of our thoughts from last week entitled “Jesus Knows,” we consider Jesus’ blessed and comforting words to those who mourn in the Sermon on the Mount. We all have sadness in this life – it’s common to all mankind. But through the gospel, our troubled souls are comforted. Furthermore, there is coming a day in which God Himself shall wipe away all our tears, removing from our existence any source of pain or suffering in Heaven!

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