The Cross

One of the most prevalent and symbolic themes of the New Testament is that of the cross. This is for good reason, as the Lord gave His life upon a cross. Therefore salvation was accomplished on a cross. And so if Christianity had a theme or a logo, some symbol to represent it as a worldview or a belief system, it would be that of a cross, a crucifix. This is why that’s exactly what we find in encyclopedic and media references to Christianity – pictures of a cross – when the faith is being discussed.

Today on Words of Grace we want to spend some time reflecting on the cross. First of all, how it was an emblem of the suffering and work of Christ as far as words go. But also what took place on the cross, both in terms of Jesus suffering and the salvation that He provided. Lastly, there’s a lesson for each of us to consider when we look at the cross, as Jesus commanded us to take up our own crosses and follow Him!

Radio broadcast for March 5, 2023. Continue reading “The Cross”

Reconciled On the Cross

To reconcile means to “to resolve or settle a difference.” Through sin, humans are enemies and alienated from God’s presence and blessings and without reconciliation, we would have no hope in standing before God after death, certain judgment awaiting. But praise God, He sent His Son into the world to die for our sins, saving us from His wrath.

Message 6 in our series through Colossians, from October 2021. Continue reading “Reconciled On the Cross”