We Believe in the Godhead

In this episode of Words of Grace, we begin a focus of study on the Articles of Faith, as endorsed by historic Baptist churches throughout the United States and “Primitive” Baptist churches today. Few variations of these statements of faith exist, showing great unity on specific, core, nonnegotiable concepts among our forefathers. For our source material, we’re looking to the Articles of Faith of two Alabama churches dating to the 19th century, Flint River (1808) and Ebenezer (1868). While identical in doctrine, these statements vary in wording, giving an interesting and helpful comparison.

Our article for today says, “We believe in only one true and living God, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost.”

As we explore in today’s broadcast, we hold the Godhead as a nonnegotiable doctrine. There is only one God, the true and living God, and this God exists as a Tri-unity of Father, Son/Word, and Holy Ghost. Listen to learn more!

Radio broadcast for April 16, 2023. Continue reading “We Believe in the Godhead”

The Only God

Recently, a popular Bible software company published a documentary asserting that Jehovah rules over a council of lesser deities. This view is beyond troubling, venturing squarely into the arena of actual heresy. In today’s broadcast, Ben Winslett challenges this view and properly applies the passages of scripture proponents of such twist, using the very teachings of Christ to set the record straight.

Radio broadcast for January 9, 2023. Continue reading “The Only God”