Three Lessons from the Upper Room Discourse

In today’s broadcast, we take a glance into the last sermon Jesus preached before going to the cross, a message we call the Upper Room Discourse. Our focus is three of the major points of the sermon: Peace despite the circumstance (let not your heart be troubled), The Holy Spirit (the Comforter being sent), and a new and great commandment (loving one another).

Radio broadcast for September 24, 2023. Continue reading “Three Lessons from the Upper Room Discourse”

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

The day before His crucifixion, rather than worrying about Himself, Jesus was busy ministering to His disciples. John’s gospel records one encouragement Jesus gave – Let not your heart be troubled. On today’s episode of Words of Grace, we apply that language to life after Jesus’ resurrection. Because He is Risen, our hearts need never be troubled, for Jesus has overcome all.

Radio broadcast for April 17, 2022. Continue reading “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”