The Redemption of Ruth | Ruth Chapter 4

The notion of a “Kinsman Redeemer” is a completely foreign concept to us in the modern, western world. As with many parts of ancient life, they had vastly different cultural norms and practices. But God, through interacting within these systems, communicated the gospel – His gospel – to humanity in ways they could understand. As Ruth was redeemed by Boaz to raise up seed to her deceased husband, so have we been redeemed by our Saviour Jesus, who gave himself for us on the cross, paying for our sin, that our “name be not blotted out in Israel.” Continue reading “The Redemption of Ruth | Ruth Chapter 4”

There is a Book!

Racial tensions? Police brutality? Anarchism? How can we navigate such issues? If there was only a book that informed us! Great news: There is! The Bible gives us clear, relevant instruction on every single of these pressing issues. From our June 1, 2020 drive-in service.

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The Word is not Bound

Despite being arrested for preaching, Paul observed that the gospel of Christ was never bound. In fact, it cannot be contained! From Paul’s life and Joseph’s life in Genesis, we consider God’s overruling providence in this message from May 2020.

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