The Deaf Hear | Matthew 11

One of the miracles The Lord Jesus performed in His ministry was restoring the hearing of the deaf. While this demonstrated both Jesus’ divine power and His great compassion, there is also a spiritual lesson to be gleaned about our own ability to hear the gospel!

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Go Tell John Again | Matthew 11

A most interesting interaction occurred between Jesus and the disciples of John the Baptist in Matthew chapter 11. Imprisoned for condemning kind Herod’s sin, John sent disciples to Jesus with the question, “art thou He or do we look for another?”

Message 1 in our series, “Go Tell John Again.”

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Ordered and Sure

In John 6, Jesus promised that “all the Father” has given to Him “shall come to Him” and never be cast out. This begs the question: Why? Join us for this message, in which we discuss the everlasting covenant between God the Father, Son, and Spirit before the world began, to save God’s people from their sins.

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