The Role of God the Father in Salvation

Beginning a new focus of study on Words of Grace, we consider the role of God the Father in our salvation. Put briefly, God the Father often represents Divine prerogative. That is, when God has ordained something in the Bible, it is the Father that this ordination is attributed to and salvation is no exception. Join us for message 1 in our series on the roles of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in salvation.

Radio broadcast for August 28, 2022. Continue reading “The Role of God the Father in Salvation”


We all look at life through the lens of our presuppositions. Sometimes these are correct. Many times, they are not. In this broadcast, we consider a few theological points from scripture that ought to frame the way we interpret the Bible and also the world around us.

Radio broadcast for July 4, 2021. Continue reading “Presuppositions”