Calling and Election

To make your calling and election sure, as Peter exhorted, must first mean that you are called and elected. Pastor Winslett recently expounded on these two doctrines, election and the effectual call, in a part of his series through 2 Peter. We share a portion of this on today’s broadcast.

Radio broadcast for June 24, 2018

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It’s arguable that reverence for Almighty God is one of the most neglected spiritual disciplines among western believers. In this broadcast, Pastor Winslett speaks to the issues of reverencing and fearing God, as well as providing some tips on fostering a reverential attitude towards the Lord.

Radio broadcast for June 17, 2018

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Knowing God

Peter writes that by God’s Divine power and righteousness, through Jesus Christ, we have come to know God. As quickened souls, we are partakers of the divine nature. In today’s broadcast, we share a portion of last Sunday’s sermon from 2 Peter chapter 1, entitled “Knowing God.”

Radio broadcast for June 10, 2018

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Regeneration and Conversion

Pastor Winslett writes, “A friend recently asked me to describe to him the differences in regeneration and conversion. Though many today might equate them as one and the same, the Bible presents them as distinct concepts. Many historic theologians recognized this distinction as well, as do we today.”

Radio broadcast for May 27, 2018

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What of Those Who Fall Away?

Sad as it is, sometimes Christians fall from their steadfastness. When this happens, what does it mean? Generally speaking, the loudest voices among Christian leaders would insist upon one of two realities: Either a person who falls loses their salvation, or they never had it to begin with. Popular as either of those ideas are, what does the Bible specifically say about this issue? Join us for a biblical examination of this concept.

Radio broadcast for May 20, 2018

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Synergy in the Godhead

Of the most important and fundamental theological concepts, the doctrine of the Trinity ranks supreme. That is, the Godhead is a tri-unity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In this message, we consider the fact that there is a perfect synergy between the three persons of the Godhead. This is depicted clearly in the ministry of Jesus Christ, but is also a factor in our daily lives and even our eternal salvation.

Radio ministry for May 13, 2018.

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Does God Ever Tempt Us?

Temptations are a part of the human experience. No matter who you are or where you are, there will be times in which you are tempted to do evil. Sometimes, folks may wonder, “is God tempting me?” In this broadcast, we answer that question definitively from the Word of God.

Radio broadcast for May 6, 2018

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