The Importance of Context!

The Bible is a book to be taken in context! That is to say, when God gave each portion of scripture, He did so with an intended meaning. As a consequence, a single passage cannot say one thing to one person, and something contradictory to another person. In this broadcast, we learn about “rightly dividing” the scriptures before considering three of the most misused passages today as examples.

Radio broadcast for September 16, 2018

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Examples of Expansion

Lately, we’ve been discussing the expansion of God’s kingdom here in the world while considering the petition from The Model Prayer, “thy kingdom come.” This brings us to an interesting study: When the church grew in the Book of Acts, what happened directly prior to and during the seasons of growth? In this message, pastor Ben Winslett considers these “examples of expansion” as food for thought for us today.

Radio broadcast for September 9, 2018.

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Thy Kingdom Come

Tying in thoughts from our current sermon series, Pastor Winslett speaks on the petition, “Thy kingdom come,” as found in the Model Prayer. In short, every disciple should be concerned with the spiritual condition of the church in general, which begins with health of the local church.

Radio broadcast for August 26, 2018

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When God’s Name is Hallowed

When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, one of the statements He instructed them to say was “hallowed be Thy name.” While the utterance of this phrase is an act of worship and praise, it is also a petition that God’s name would be sanctified (regarded as Holy) in the Earth. This presents an interesting question to consider: What does it look like when God’s name is hallowed? Listen to learn more.

Radio broadcast for August 19, 2018

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