The Afterlife

Most people believe in some sort of afterlife. This makes it all the more crucial for Christians to turn to the bible for their understanding of life after death. Join us for this episode of Words of Grace, in which Pastor Ben Winslett shares biblical theology on the afterlife.

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The Role of God the Son in Salvation

Continuing our series on the respective roles of the persons of the Triune Godhead in our salvation, we come to the role of God the Son. Simply put, as God the Father foreknew and predestinated people to salvation, God the Son justified them by dying on the cross. Join us for this episode of Words of Grace, in which we expound on this subject.

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The Role of God the Father in Salvation

Beginning a new focus of study on Words of Grace, we consider the role of God the Father in our salvation. Put briefly, God the Father often represents Divine prerogative. That is, when God has ordained something in the Bible, it is the Father that this ordination is attributed to and salvation is no exception. Join us for message 1 in our series on the roles of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in salvation.

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Despite being such a common Biblical subject, we rarely hear a lot about repentance in modern Christianity. On today’s broadcast, Ben Winslett shares insight from both the Old and New Testaments regarding this neglected subject.

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The Wild Gadarene, Part 2

Sharing part of a message Ben Winslett preached entitled The Wild Gadarene, this episode of Words of Grace speaks to multiple issues one could glean from the story of a demon possessed man named Legion. Mental illness, self harm, invisible spiritual entities, the mercy and love of our Jesus, and even evangelism. Join us for this informative and reassuring message from Luke chapter 8 on this week’s radio program.

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The Wild Gadarene, Part 1

The story of Legion, a wild Gadarene man possessed with many devils, is one of the most amazing displays of Jesus’ mercy and grace in all of scripture. In this and the next broadcast, Ben Winslett shares this account with us; one that is initially terrifying but eventually comforting and instructive.

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Knowing Only Christ

In 1 Corinthians chapter 2, the Apostle Paul expresses the sole foundational principle that undergirds all of his preaching: Christ and Him crucified. In fact, though Paul wrote and spoke on many subjects, he determined to know nothing among them but Christ. In today’s broadcast, we consider this passage along with various applications of it.

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