The One Above All Others

As the hymnist John Newton wrote, “One there is above all others, well deserves the name of Friend; his is love beyond a brother’s, costly, free, and knows no end.” There really is no one else like Jesus Christ, and we confess that sentence is a vast understatement! In this message, we consider common reactions to Jesus in His personal ministry, including the interesting reaction Pilate had at hearing Jesus’ true claim to be the Son of God.

Radio broadcast for April 11, 2021

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Face Set as a Flint

Did Jesus know how much He would suffer before and during the cross? With absolute scriptural certainty, we can say yes! As Jesus rode into Jerusalem the week of His crucifixion, He knew all that He would suffer for the sins of His people. And yet He went, He drank of the bitter cup, He finished the work.

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Is Empathy Sinful?!

Is empathy a sin? Unusual question, right? Believe it or not, there has been quite a bit of “chatter” recently on the subject of empathy in view of movements such as “woke-ism,” with some conservative Christian teachers going as far as to say that having empathy for another’s suffering is actually sinful. What are we to make of this assertion? Donning his cultural commentator hat, Pastor Ben Winslett speaks to this issue with scriptural certainty.

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What Makes the Difference?

Have you ever noticed how the early disciples faced hardships with a different perspective than Old Testament saints? Take Job for instance. His sufferings initially resulted in much confusion and even bitterness in his heart. Yet when the Apostles were persecuted, they rejoiced. What made the difference? Tune in to this week’s episode of Words of Grace for the answer.

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Finding Christ in the Book of Job

The book of Job is quite unique,  an historical account of a family’s suffering written as a work of poetry, and full of sadness, bitterness, confusion, and even restoration and hope. But did you know there there are also pictures of Christ in Job? Join Ben Winslett for this episode of Words of Grace, in which we search for Christ in this ancient book of the Bible.

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A Word to Those Who Suffer

Suffering is inescapable in this fallen, cursed world. Whether major issues such as a pandemic or regional ice storm, or our own personal battles with disease and affliction, every single one of us will suffer at some point in our lives.

Turning to God’s word for counsel in times of trial, we find two great encouragements from God’s words to Israel during their season of suffering cruel bondage at the hands of Pharaoh in this edition of Words of Grace. Continue reading “A Word to Those Who Suffer”


One might think now is a time in which we stand more in need of wisdom than in other seasons. However, the truth is that each and every day, we need the wisdom of God to help us navigate life.

I have good news for you – God gives wisdom to all who ask, and He does so liberally! And this wisdom, though it be commonly attacked and shunned by the world, will one day put to shame the foolish notions held by men.

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Warnings Against Idolatry!

Humanity has a long, destructive history with idolatry. From early societal idol worship, to individual failures in the lives of the patriarchs, to God’s nation Israel worshipping the golden calf; image worship has been an ongoing problem for all people. While our idols today aren’t often made of wood, stone, or gold, we would be foolish to assume that we aren’t at risk of creating idols in our own lives. After all, our hearts are idol factories!

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