Recently, Pastor Winslett shared some thoughts on those moments when we do all we can, but a situation still blows up in our face. On today’s broadcast, he revisits this concept with an encouragement to build the spiritual discipline of endurance. Simply put, in due season, we reap if we faint not. Listen for more!

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Learning How To Witness

As Christians, we’re called to be witnesses for Christ. Not only does this involve living for Him, but it also requires us to testify of His work in our life. Unfortunately, sometimes we think to be a witness, one must specialize in complex theological training before he or she can share the gospel with others. While it’s true we are to be learning and endeavoring to be doctrinally sound, the most basic (and sometimes effective) form of witnessing is simply telling when Jesus has done in your life.

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When the Right Thing Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, when we do all we can to prayerfully obey God’s word, a situation still blows up in our face. On today’s radio program, we consider a very notable account of this from the Old Testament, namely when Moses initially went before Pharaoh demanding he release God’s people, Israel. Surely, Moses’ obedience would yield immediate results, right? Wrong! In fact, in the short term, it made things worse. You and I can learn much from this example. Join us for more on today’s edition of Words of Grace.

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The Only God

Recently, a popular Bible software company published a documentary asserting that Jehovah rules over a council of lesser deities. This view is beyond troubling, venturing squarely into the arena of actual heresy. In today’s broadcast, Ben Winslett challenges this view and properly applies the passages of scripture proponents of such twist, using the very teachings of Christ to set the record straight.

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It Is Finished

Concluding our series on “sovereign grace statements” from John’s gospel, we study one of the grandest of them all, when our Lord Jesus proclaimed “It Is Finished” before giving His life on the cross.

Radio broadcast for January 1, 2023.

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They That Were Born Of God

John chapter 1 contains a statement many believers use to teach a concept known as “decisional regeneration.” Specifically, the phrase that those who received Jesus as the Messiah were given power to become the sons of God. However, in the sentence following this statement, John insists that those who received Him did so because they were born, not of blood, their will, or any other human’s will, but of God. How do we reconcile these two statement? Does the reception of Christ cause the new birth, Or rather, does the new birth enable the reception of Christ? Join us for this message in our series on Sovereign Grace statements from John’s gospel for the answer to this question.

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Passing from Death unto Life

Continuing our series on Sovereign Grace Statements from the Gospel of John, pastor Winslett considers a most interesting statement by our Lord Jesus in John chapter 5, about the ability to believe being the result of passing from death in sin to life in Christ. Simply put, the new birth is a spiritual resurrection which causes us to know God, sparking faith within.

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Born from Above

One of the most clear and instructive passages concerning the new birth is found in a conversation between the Lord Jesus Christ and a man named Nicodemus in John chapter 3. In this teaching of Christ, we learn that without the new birth, also called quickening or regeneration, a person is unable to see the Kingdom of God. Also, it is revealed and that God is sovereign in this vital phase of salvation. Join us for this study in our continuing series on Sovereign Grace statements from John’s gospel.

Radio broadcast for November 27,  2022.

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